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Renewable Energy

With expertise spanning; Solar, Onshore/Offshore Wind, Hydro Power, Tidal Power & Biomass, we facilitate our clients’ appointment of talented renewable energy experts across all phases of the project lifecycle. 

Through harnessing energy derived from naturally replenished resources, humanity has the tools available to decarbonise its energy systems and in turn dramatically reduce the production of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. 

As passionate advocates of the adoption of global clean energy, we aim to be the trusted partner to Project Developers, Independent Power Producers and OEMs; enabling them to attract and retain talent in an ever more competitive sector.

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Responsible Finance

We support financial institutions and investors in their efforts to secure exceptional, like-minded talent in the fields of responsible and sustainable finance. Our coverage includes; Private Equity, ESG, M&A, Impact Investing, Investment Banking & Project Finance.

The adoption of a longer-term, more socially conscious approach to investing, is imperative for the realisation of a more sustainable economy that enriches society, the environment and in-turn investors alike.

With a mutual ambition to make a positive difference to our planet, we typically partner with Private Equity firms, Global Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Infrastructure Funds, Impact Funds & Investment Banks, across all asset classes.

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We are the talent partner to disruptive technology businesses who are playing their part in ensuring the low carbon economy of the future. We have a track record of introducing experts across all primary functions within companies with; Storage, Demand Side Response, Grid/Smart Grid & Electric Vehicles as a focus.

Continued technological advancements are critical to achieving both sustainability and climate change goals. Whether it’s long-term battery storage, carbon capture technologies, commercial EV adoption or “smart grid technologies”, their future successes depend on matching the expertise of those at the forefront of innovation with like-minded organisations.

The Sustainable Partnership supports high-growth businesses to recruit talented professionals that will drive Cleantech adoption, and allow them to disrupt and scale. We support Manufacturers, Investors, Start-ups, Integrators, Consultancies and Tech firms to attract and retain the best.

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Environment, Health & Safety

Our expertise in the wider Environment, Health & Safety sector has empowered our partner businesses to build market leading teams at the forefront of safety and environmental change, covering QHSE, Environment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Systems, Permitting & Compliance skill sets.

Both employee safety and corporate environmental footprint are increasingly high on a business’ agenda. Given the ever-changing complexities associated with both environment and safety considerations, the need to hire in-house impactful expertise in these proficiencies is paramount.

Our extensive network of Environment, Health & Safety specialists has resulted in partnerships with environmentally conscious Corporates, Power Producers and Consultancies. We offer the key personnel at the forefront of driving and implementing change.

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Sustainability & Climate

The dedicated Sustainability & Climate team have an exceptional track record of partnering organisations to hire leaders that will enable them to become both socially responsible and achieve “net-zero” targets. Our network spans those with a Sustainability, CSR, Climate Change and Policy & Regulation skill-set.

As consumer and regulatory expectations for businesses to make a more positive impact grows, the appointment of in-house Sustainability & Climate expertise is critical in enhancing efforts to mitigate climate change risks.

Our partnerships across the Sustainability & Climate sector span global organisations of all industries; energy, utilities, transport, banking, facilities, aviation etc.

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